• Quesos Aldonza y Don ismael In Sial Paris

    Quesos Aldonza y Don Ismael closed the season of the international trade show in SIAL 2016 with great success. This international trade show, which is considered the second most important festival (behind Anuga), had a great number of exhib […]

    24 octubre, 2016
     Posted by Hitred.com
  • Don Ismael’s cream goat cheese awarded with the gold Cincho

    The Cincho Awards began in 2000 in the community of Castilla y Leon, and have returned after a six year hiatus. They are the founder award for excellence in cheese making in Spain, and entrants now compete from throughout Spain as well as 1 […]

    13 octubre, 2016
     Posted by Hitred.com
  • Our new package of cream cheeses have arrived.

    Due to the demand for larger volumes for use in cooking, we have introduced a new 2.5 kg packages. The larger volume of this wonderful, molten cream cheese satisfies the demands of not only professionals but also amateur cooks.
    This product […]

    31 agosto, 2016
     Posted by Hitred.com