Quesos Aldonza y Don Ismael awarded with two prizes in the categories Hard Ewes’ Milk Cheese Plain and Goats’ Milk Cheese With Additives in a new edition World Cheese Awards

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Last November 2nd, a new edition of the “World Cheese Awards 2018” (the most important competition in the world) was held in Bergen (Norway), in which two of our cheeses were awarded with the bronze medal among the 3.472 cheeses from 41 countries in the world that took part in the competition.

These awards of Ewes’ milk cheese plain and Goats’ milk cheese with additives (Goats’ milk cheese with black pepper), join the already extensive list of awards given to Quesos Aldonza y Don Ismael (World Cheese Awards, Nantwich International Competition, Cincho Awards, Delicapra Awards …) throughout its existence.

This is a consequence of our company’s commitment to keep innovating and increasing the quality standards of its products, so that customers can enjoy of the best cheeses.