Range of cream cheese to spread

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Prizes: Award-winner with the prize CINCHO DE ORO in the category of melted cheese cream (2016).

A great variety of melt cheese (Blue, Camembert, Goat, Boletus…)
Origin: UE.
Milk and dairy products: (lactose)
Nutrition facts:
Refer to the datasheet of each product for additional information.

Consumption instruction and storage conditions
Product is ready for consumption and can be spread easily straight from the fridge. Refrigerate in origin container after opening. Consume within 1 month of opening.

Crema de Queso de Cabra (125 g) (En la foto superior)

Crema al Queso Azul (125 g)


Crema al Boletus (125 g)


Crema de queso con queso manchego (125 g)


Crema de Queso Camembert (125 g)


Crema de Queso en Aceite de oliva Virgen (125 g)


Crema de queso en aceite de oliva Virgen (2.5 kg)


Crema al rulo de cabra para untar (2.5 kg)